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Niagara Falls Honeymoon Capital of the World

Niagara Falls Honeymoon

Niagara Falls has a long history of being a romantic destination for honeymooning couples.

So much so, it has become famously known as the Honeymoon Capital of the World.

Niagara Falls Honeymoon

Niagara Falls first earned this prestigious title when famous couples started traveling to the city to celebrate their newlywed bliss.

In 1801, Vice President Aaron Burr sent his daughter Theodosia, and his son-in-law to Niagara Falls, making them the first official honeymooners. They were followed by Jerome Bonapart, Napoleon’s brother, in 1804 who traveled by stagecoach from New Orleans.

Honeymoon captial of the world Niagara Falls NY

Niagara Falls has been a popular honeymoon destination for the past century.

Following their lead, more and more couples started flocking to the waterfall for their honeymoon celebrations.

With the completion of the Erie Canal, building of railways, and the invention of the automobile, Niagara Falls was increasingly becoming more accessible to the average newlywed.

The honeymoon boom really kicked into full gear in the 20th century.  With the phrase “The Honeymoon Capital of the World” appearing on Niagara Falls promotional posters and brochures.

Romantic Niagara Falls

Today, Niagara Falls plays host to over 50,000 honeymooning couples every year, but with romantic views at every turn, it is no wonder why.

With secluded picnic areas, fragrant flowers, and beautiful waterfalls views setting the scene by day, and intimate restaurants, candlelight and wine by night.  Niagara Falls is the perfect place for your romantic honeymoon.

Niagara Falls Couples Packages

The views of Niagara Falls are breathtaking.

You and your better half, can meander through Niagara Falls State Park, while taking in the 400 acres of lush landscape, wildlife and breathtaking views of the Niagara River.  Or hop on board the Niagara Falls Scenic Trolley for a guided tour of the oldest State Park in America.

The Niagara Wine Trail USA is also a hit with the honeymooning couples.  The picturesque countryside of Niagara county is plays host to an array of wineries, that offer wine tasting, vineyard tours, and so much more.

Romantic Restaurants in Niagara Falls

The romance only increases in the evening, with plenty of restaurants in Niagara Falls, NY who cater to honeymooning couples.

All year round, The Red Coach is the perfect place for a romantic dinner in Niagara Falls.  With a roaring wood fire heating the Grill Room in the winter, and a beautiful patio surrounded by a koi pond in the summer, the Red Coach lives and breathes romance.

Restaurants in Niagara Falls New York

The Red Coach is the perfect place for a romantic dinner in Niagara Falls, NY.
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Another great honeymooning restaurant is Wine on Third.  A premier fine dining, tapas, and wine bar, Wine on Third offers a peaceful atmosphere to unwind after a fun day of sightseeing.

Book Your Niagara Falls Romantic Getaway

With so many activities perfect for newlyweds, it is no wonder why Niagara Falls has remained the Honeymoon Capital of the World for so many years.

Every year, The Holiday Inn Express and Suites Niagara Falls welcomes hundreds of honeymooners to our beautiful hotel.  Centrally located in the midst of all these romantic attractions and more, the Holiday Inn makes for the perfect place to celebrate your wedding.

Call the Holiday Inn Express and Suites Niagara Falls now, and get the best rate possible for your honeymoon.

Niagara Falls NY Honeymoon Packages

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