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Niagara Falls Waterfalls

Niagara Falls Waterfalls Holiday Inn Express Niagara Falls New York

Niagara Falls NY is Awesome!

Have you ever witnessed something that inspires so much awe that it knocks the wind out of you? Sure, you’ve seen explosions in movies and heard amazing stories of heroism on the news that might excite you, but does it take your breath away? Probably not.

Experience the thundering water of the Niagara River as it rushes toward the 170 foot precipice of the Niagara Falls waterfalls. Feel the drenching mist wash over you as up to 750,000 liters of water spill over the crest line per second.

Niagara Falls is one of the eight wonders of the world, and it’s awesome.

But where is Niagara Falls, you ask?

Holiday Inn Express Niagara Falls New York Waterfalls FactFor first-time visitors, Niagara Falls, NY lies on the brink of the U.S./Canadian border nestled between Lewiston to the north and Buffalo to the south. Niagara Falls comprises two separate waterfalls: Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side and the American Falls. According to‘s list of top 10 largest waterfalls in the world, the Horseshoe lands at number 9. It is among the world’s widest waterfalls with a crest line of 670 meters in width.


Do Go Chasing Waterfalls…

The American Falls was recently included in Conde Nast Traveler‘s list of 14 beautiful waterfalls in an article entitled: Do Go Chasing Waterfalls: 14 Beautiful Waterfalls in the U.S. Let’s take a look at what they have to say about the beauty in our backyard.

What Niagara Falls lacks in height, it makes up for in length. Three separate falls comprise greater Niagara Falls, which straddles the U.S. and Canadian border between New York and Ontario. Two of them—American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls—are on the U.S. side. Together, the three falls have the highest flow rate in the world.”

Looking for things to do in Niagara Falls, NY?

Niagara Falls NY Cave of the Winds Niagara Falls Activities

Heart-pounding family fun at the Cave of the Winds Source

The Cave of the Winds Tour allows for an intimate experience with The American Falls as trails take you behind the raging waters. Enjoy fine dining with a spectacular view at Top of the Falls Restaurant located on Goat Island. And, for you more adventurous types, pick up a Discovery Pass which grants access to the Maid of the Mist, Niagara Gorge Discovery Center, Aquarium of Niagara and Niagara Adventure Theatre.

The Holiday Inn Express Advantage

The Holiday Inn Express of Niagara Falls, NY will provide all necessary accommodations during your visit. Our elegant and comfortable suites are affordable and close to all attractions, which means less time worrying about travel time and costs. Holiday Inn Express’ team are friendly and courteous. We strive to ensure your stay with us is as unforgettable as the first time you laid eyes on the Falls. So click here and book your stay now.

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