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Our 6 Best Business Travel Tips

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Business Travel Tips For Your Next Trip

Whether you’re on your first business trip or travel and work is part of your normal routine, every business traveler needs a business travel checklist to help them make informed choices about where to stay and how to minimize stress on the road.

Scheduling ahead, packing smart, and finding the right place to stay are key to enjoying your business trip.

Believe us, we know.

As a hotel, we see lots of business travelers come through our doors and have collected some of their best tips for business travel.

Our 6 Best Business Travel Tips

  • Find a great points program and stick to it: Frequent business travelers can save big by taking advantage of a points system offered by many airlines and hotels, like the IHG Rewards Club. Make sure you research and pick the best loyalty program for your needs.  The best travel loyalty programs are flexible and generous, so avoid loyalty programs with limits like black-out dates or very small networks.
    Airport business travel parking Niagara Falls Holiday Inn Express

    Parking at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites is perfect for early morning flights. Image Source

  • Think about parking: Hidden parking costs can be an unpleasant surprise for any business traveller, so be prepared. If you’re flying out of an airport and need to leave your car for a few days, find a hotel which includes longer term parking for guests. For example, the Holiday Inn Express and Suites Niagara Falls offers week-long parking for guests who stay even one night.
  • WiFi is a must: Although it would be great if all hotels offered free WiFi, the reality is that many charge a lot extra for it…and some don’t have it at all! Staying at a reputable hotel with guaranteed internet will save you a lot of stress when prepping that last-minute presentation.
  • Book directly for the best deal: Although websites like Expedia and Trivago boast the best deals, contacting a hotel directly will often give you a much better rate. This is because the hotel doesn’t have to deal with (and pay) a third party–the booking is between you and them, and you can ensure that you are getting exactly what you want.  Like many others, at our hotel we guarantee the best rate for those who book directly through our online system.
  • Breakfast coffee hotel Holiday Inn Express Niagara Falls NY

    Are you a coffee fan? Make sure you stay stocked up on your journey, and bring a travel mug for extra convenience.

    Eat smart: To get through those late nights of travel and work, stock up on munchies at a convenience store before settling into your hotel. Save time in the morning by booking a hotel with a continental breakfast, and make sure the place you stay is in close proximity to a variety of places to eat.  

  • Read a local paper: Staying in the loop about what is going on, especially around the locale you are visiting, is an important aspect to having a successful business trip. It’s important to find ways to connect with the many new people you’re about to meet! While you’re enjoying breakfast at your hotel, help yourself to a newspaper to catch up on what’s happening in the new locale. Bonus: it’s a great way to unwind, too.

Your Business Travel Checklist

Before choosing a hotel or packing for your trip, use these business travel tips to make a checklist of the things you will need to have a successful business trip. Does the hotel have WiFi, parking, and a convenient location? Can you collect points from this airline? Are you packing smart?

Breakfast pancake maker hotel Holiday Inn Niagara Falls NY

Make sure you choose a hotel with solid food options. Our continental breakfast even includes a handy pancake machine!

The good news is that, if they pick the right place to stay, business travelers can get a lot of business travel tips from front desk staff and hospitality professionals. The best way to get great service straight from your hotel is to book direct and let staff know about your individual needs.

Looking for the best place to stay near Niagara Falls for your business trip? Contact us today to book your stay.

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