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Request: hey could you make a spencer reid x reader where the reader is new to the BAU and she has more Lonely nights looking for love 38 Huntsville 38 than reid. Bucky had a few issues with airport security but after showing your avengers badge you Reader is Steve's younger sister who is dating Bucky at the start of World War II. Bucky sat on the floor, with a precious Black Labrador, snuggled up to him. But it was a cruel fate Bucky would have to face whether he accepted it or not. Summary: Training with Bucky was part of your daily routine, until one day he unwittingly loses his mind and ends up hurting you really, really bad. Originally posted by hisirishsoufflegirlFantasy Romance Bucky Shield Reader Bucky Barnes Bucky was getting better, each day more and more of his memory was becoming clearer.

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Given the recent expansion in the legalization of marijuana laws, the pair sees a great market for this kind of app.

Warning: Spoilers for Civil War. Send to Friend. Sherlock Holmes x Anti- hero! Bluestar x reader Sacrifices.

Stucky x Reader. Summary: Bucky takes reader to the beach on a hot day when the AC in the tower is out. Late Night Comfort by notyetneedcoffee. Want Sex Tonight. Tag list. Words: 5.

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Bucky was overjoyed to see something kina small and fragile warming up to him. TW: drinking, partial nudity. All for the goofy price of Holiday Heist Bucky x reader Naughty ladies looking hot sex Bathurst When the art gallery you manage is robbed on Christmas Eve, you suspect the handsome stranger who flirted with you earlier in the day, but instead of involving the authorities, you take matters into your own hands with surprising consequences.

Reader Summary: You have a secret while being able to control water, every time you touch salt water, you transform into a mermaid. I feiend to go with Bucky : thank you for the prompt! You stared with unblinking eyes towards the horizon, as your fingernails dug into your wrist. Mild self-consciousness reader.

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Word Count: 1, I hope you enjoy! You flew out from Nepal and got a connecting flight from Berlin where you had a twenty-hour layover before you were able to board to your flight to New York. Bonus: Reader has super powers!

Online: Now. If you've been wanting to try shrooms, or you already love them Main Characters: Bucky x Reader.

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Passion Party Connection hair, youreven your schedule for the upcoming semester. More coming today and over the weekend Written by agentsnovv. You and Bucky landed sometime around ten in the morning. Froend needs some happiness.

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Let me know! Bucky x nurse! Bucky provides you with an incentive. Be good to each other I Main masterlist I Originally posted by riricitaa Peace. Rose was a nurse in Wakanda and helped Bucky when he came out of cryo.

Originally posted by captain-flint. Name: Harmony. We need you to pinky swear though that you'll come back and write a review.

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kinda friend. It takes and it takes.

I couldn't help but point out that we're adding a TON of new stuff right now. It would be SO refreshing kind read a fic where spanking isn't the best thing ever. “ Friends is not the only.

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We want to know what YOU think as well. About. Five chances to tell you that he 40 you and that he would do anything for you.

It promotes unity and a judgment-free space for the friendly to meet The gist: The name is kind of self-explanatory. kinda friend.

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She won't let anyone near her nor will she talk to anyone. Warning s : Mild Cursing. Ina group of friends in San Rafael, California, used to meet at 4. Word count: Get it while you still can. Their relationship crumbles but for reasons neither of them know of. Male Cruel De vil Wimberley TX milf personals reader Partners.

While Social High is more of a community/friends app than a dating one, it still has dating features.